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3P Photography Blog This blog is a platform of photographic musings and commentary about the various photographic undertakings that 3P Photography involves itself with. There numerous tips and pointers as well as the occasional academic discussion.

Restitution: Seeing past loss and abandonment. This is a website dedicated to my Masters in Fine Art exhibition. There are numerous images posted of both the exhibition space and details of the work. Also included is the artist's statement and the exhibition opening speech by Mr. Brent Meistre. The work includes a stop frame animation in which I photographed my digging of a grave so as to bury a pauper. Please be advised that some of the material might offend sensitive viewers.

Lime Photo. The website of Emil von Maltitz with whom I run a number of photographic workshops in the Thanda private game reserve in Kwa Zulu Natal.

Emil von Maltitz also runs a very interesting and worthwhile blog. Visit it and subscribe to his monthly 'Light Writing' which is packed with photo tips and recent release updates.

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